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"There is nothing sweeter in the world of existence than prayer. Man must live in a state of prayer. The most blessed condition is the condition of prayer and supplication. Prayer is conversation with God. The greatest attainment or the sweetest state is none other than conversation with God. It creates spirituality, creates mindfulness and celestial feelings, begets new attractions of the Kingdom and engenders the susceptibilities of the higher intelligence."
-- 'Abdu'l-Baha

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  • Obligatory Prayer and Fasting
    Obligatory prayer and fasting--twin duties that uphold the revealed religion of God. Here is a small selection of Baha'i Holy Writings emphasizing the importance of both.

  • Short Healing Prayer
    The Short Healing Prayer, a Baha'i prayer, as revealed by Bahaullah. Use it for health and healing and spiritual blessings.

  • Long Healing Prayer
    The Long Healing Prayer, a Baha'i prayer, as revealed by Bahaullah. Use it for health and healing and spiritual blessings.

  • The Lord's Prayer
    The Lord's Prayer has been used for centuries to bring peace and solace to the hearts of men, and blessings.

  • Prayer for America
    The Prayer for America was revealed by Abdu'l-Baha, son of the Prophet Founder of the Baha'i Faith, Bahaullah.

  • Prayer for Aid and Assistance
    Here is a prayer for aid and assistance in times of tests and difficulties

  • Prayers for Children
    Some prayers for children--to be learned and recited by them and to be used to pray for them.

  • Prayers for the Departed Deceased
    Prayers for the Departed and the Deceased. These prayers can help departed souls to transition to the spiritual world and be the cause of blessings in all the worlds of God.

  • Prayers for Parents
    Prayers for Parents. In this dispensation of the Word of God, children can pray for their parents. These prayers were revealed by the Bab (Gate) and 'Abdu'l-Baha (Servant of the Glory).

  • Prayer to Overcome Tests and Difficulties
    Prayers to overcome tests and difficulties. When life throws us a curve ball, we turn to God for wisdom and solace.

  • Prayer for Protection
    Prayer for Protection. God is the omnipotent and ultimate supreme protector, "In Him, Let the Trusting Trust."

  • References
  • National Day of Prayer
    The National Day of Prayer is celebrated throughout the world. Here is a prayer in recognition of this auspicious day.

  • Daily Prayers to Meet Our Obligation (Link)
    The Daily Prayers to meet our spiritual obligation are three in number, but believers are free to choose one of the three as long as they follow any specified instructions given that accompany them.


Psalm 23 (Flash Movie--Link)

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"He who puts his trust in God, God will suffice him.
He who fears God, God will send him relief."

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